Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3 by Peter Akkies

Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3

Free up mental space with a workflow you can trust. Featuring real examples and a friendly instructor.

Free up mental space with OmniFocus

Does this sound familiar?
  • You spend most of your time doing urgent tasks rather than important tasks.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do.
  • You've tried using OmniFocus before but you gave up.
  • You often resort to pen and paper to plan your day.

See, if you're anything like me, you have dozens of things to do on any given day.

Home tasks, work projects, helping friends and family, staying healthy, taking care of your finances... how do you keep track of it all?

Before you know it, you forgot to buy a birthday present for your mom, your boss is nagging you about that report that was due yesterday, and you still haven't gotten around to filing your taxes. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It doesn't have to be that way.

Picture this:
  • You're on top of your projects, so you feel less stress.
  • You anticipate and meet deadlines, so people see you as reliable.
  • You make time, every day, for the work that matters, so you feel proud.
  • You know exactly what to work on next, so you get more done.
  • Nothing slips through the cracks.

How can you get there? By learning a simple workflow to organize your projects with OmniFocus. A workflow you can trust. And that's what you'll learn in this course.

What you'll learn:
  • How to make OmniFocus an extension of your brain
  • How to organize your projects
  • How to plan your days and weeks
  • How to sort through your tasks
  • How to use repeating tasks and project templates
  • How to execute weekly reviews

Of course, you'll learn lots of specific things too, like how to actually reach Inbox Zero (🤯), when to use due dates (⏰), and how to never forget a birthday again ( 🥳).

After you follow the course, you'll:
  • Be able to focus
  • Feel in control
  • Know what to work on next
  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Have a system that ensures that nothing slips through the cracks
That's what learning a workflow you can trust will do for you.

What students say about the course

I have been using OmniFocus for years and I already knew a lot of things (like keyboard shortcuts, etc), but Peter's approach helped me rely on it more than ever before. This freed me up to focus on the important tasks each day instead of guessing what to work on.
Joel Clermont
Managing 500 employees and a $40 million budget means I have a lot of projects and tasks. Thanks to Peter's course I’m starting the week super-charged with my schedule and tasks lined up.
Paul Christy
Peter's course was perfect for what I was looking to do! I was letting all the due dates sit and wasn’t sure what to focus on NEXT. Having a refresher was what I needed!
Robin Melancon
I and my wife purchased your Omnifocus tutorial. It is brilliant, thank you! I really mean it, OF is currently saving my life! I can really withstand a chronically crazy schedule and multiplicity of projects with a relative serenity. This is really something! The course is a bargain.
Frédéric Preitner
There's loads of info about OmniFocus online and it is bewildering. Doing this course is an easy option. Maybe you could get a lot of the info for free but there's no guarantee and it could take lot of time.
Tom Bull
Peter's course illustrated not just the OmniFocus Zen that I knew was there, but several other seriously impactful ways to work. Worth every penny. Exceptionally valuable.
Paul Everitt
Peter's course has put OmniFocus in a new light and for the first time I finally feel in a groove with it.
Jim Taylor
I have taken a few other courses on OmniFocus but Peter's has resonated with me and has assisted me with overcoming previous challenges.
Jeff Butt
Peter's course has been a sheer delight to follow and work through. I have used OF for well over 5 years now and read and studied lots about it, but Peter's training really makes sense to me and is filling in gaps.
Bryan Thompson
You literally will find no better way to jump start your use of OmniFocus.
Douglass Donnell
Peter's course is life-changing. He has a vision: "I want you to be productive, but not overwhelmed". And it shows throughout the course that he cares.
Kirill Eremenko
As a long-time user of OF, I wanted to re-energize how I use OF. Peter’s course was great for that!
Corey Scholefield
I found this to be an incredibly productive course and binged it over two days. The fact that I can actually use OmniFocus effectively after owning it since Dec 2013 is amazing.
Andrew Shell
I recommend Peter’s course because it really helps. It’s much more than a theoretical course describing how to use OmniFocus. You learn to see opportunities for making your life easier.
Ingrid Cops
Peter’s course brought a couple of breakthrough moments for me that were quite literally life changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but when everything you do stems from this workflow system, and someone removes a clog from your system, it really is life changing.
Mark Hayes
You'll learn exactly what you need to know. No more, no less.
Let's be real. OmniFocus isn't the easiest app in the world to learn. The app can feel intimidating and overwhelming and it can take a long time before you figure out how to use it effectively. 📚

Fortunately, I've spent countless hours researching the best OmniFocus setup and workflow, so you don't have to. I've taught hundreds of people this simple OmniFocus system—and you can learn it too, without spending lots of time.

Because you don't have time to decipher technical, complicated instructions. So don't waste your time and money following other courses that are focused on advanced automation or buying long books that overwhelm you with detail. 

OmniFocus is flexible (and that's both good and bad)

OmniFocus allows for endless customization. But tinkering with your task manager doesn't help you get stuff done. You need a system that works right away.
You'll learn efficiently. I know you're busy.
You could piece together information on using OmniFocus from random places all over the Internet. But how long would that take? And what is that time worth to you? 

When you follow this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to organize your life and to be productive using OmniFocus. You'll save tons on time compared to figuring things out yourself. 

Think about what you could do with the extra time. You could spend it with your kids. You could spend it learning to play the guitar. Or you could, you know, spend the time doing the actual work you want to do!

Your time is valuable. Start learning a workflow you can trust. Enroll now.

Ken Case & me

Left: your instructor, Peter Akkies. (More on me further down the page.) Right: Ken Case, the founder and CEO of the Omni Group. 🙂
I went from 50% productivity to 1000%. I finished my 2 University courses this August with A and A+ and at the same time launched 2 new products while still maintaining my business and its current products, all in one month! This would typically take me many many many months!
Violet Pidgorna

What's included?

Video Icon 40 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 5 text files


Getting ready
Course requirements, philosophy, and goals
3 mins
Tweaking some OmniFocus settings
4 mins
Making OmniFocus an extension of your brain
First, add all of your tasks to the inbox
6 mins
Process your emails in OmniFocus with Mail Drop
5 mins
Capture tasks as they come to you with Quick Entry
6 mins
Use defer dates liberally
6 mins
Use due dates sparingly
5 mins
Interlude: OmniFocus support & keyboard shortcuts
Organizing your projects
What is a project?
5 mins
Creating your first projects
10 mins
Set your projects and folders up like this
20 mins
Suggested project and folder setup (PDF)
47.3 KB
Task, task with subtasks, or project?
6 mins
Recap: what have we done so far?
Planning your days and weeks
Identifying your available tasks
8 mins
What's next?
Creating a tag to denote "what's next"
5 mins
Planning your day and week with the Forecast perspective
12 mins
Calendar event or OmniFocus task?
5 mins
Using notifications to make sure you get tasks done on time
9 mins
Sorting through your tasks with tags, flags, and search
The "waiting for" tag
9 mins
The "someday/maybe" tag
4 mins
People-based tags
6 mins
Why I recommend against using tool-based tags
4 mins
Location-based tags, part 1
7 mins
Location-based tags, part 2
3 mins
Plan your projects with tags
9 mins
Marking your most important tasks with flags
6 mins
Searching and finding tasks, projects, etc.
4 mins
Reminder: do not over-tag!
Save time with repeating tasks and project templates
Setting up repeating tasks and projects
6 mins
Using project templates
5 mins
Weekly reviews: the key to staying on track
Why weekly reviews are crucial
2 mins
The nine steps to the weekly review
18 mins
Weekly review cheat sheet
5.22 MB
When to review
5 mins
Example use cases
Regain control when you feel overwhelmed
4 mins
Process to-dos after a meeting
4 mins
Estimate how long a project will take
3 mins
When you think of a task while you're doing something else
Using OmniFocus to travel with less stress
9 mins
Delegating tasks to others
13 mins
Pro tips!
Make your planning easier by reducing your choice set
7 mins
When it makes sense to store reference material in OmniFocus
6 mins
Why you shouldn’t track your goals with OmniFocus
6 mins
Building better habits with OmniFocus
7 mins
Wrapping up
Thank you! (And what’s next)
2 mins
Course summary (PDF)
46.3 KB
Thank you so much!!! I am so excited to use OF! Your lessons were super easy to follow and you were amazing at teaching in detail but without making me feel dumb! Thank you!
Ashley Albeck
I wish all my colleges would take Peter’s course. Everyone can learn something and my life would be a lot easier if everyone around me was as organized as I am now 😁
Joakim Östlind

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Peter Akkies.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post on how I used my task manager. That post blew up. So I decided to teach productivity in a more structured way.

Today, I’ve taught over 900 happy students. I’ve also been featured on, The Sweet Setup, and the popular YouTube channel Keep Productive. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about me.

I'm also into scuba diving, the Philadelphia Eagles, Formula 1, veganism, and escape rooms.

Bonus: course summary PDF

After you finish the course, you can refer back to the summary to refresh your memory of what you've learned. And you can remind yourself of the OmniFocus best practices we'll have covered.

Full video transcripts and subtitles

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along with the course, so all lessons come with full video transcripts and subtitles.

Featured on

My nine-step process for doing a weekly review with OmniFocus is published on Inside OmniFocus, on the official OmniFocus website.

Featured on The Sweet Setup

For The Sweet Setup, I wrote about one way to plan your workdays using OmniFocus and your calendar. 


Is this course for me?

If you want to learn a simple OmniFocus workflow you can trust, to get stuff done without stress, this course is for you.

If you have used OmniFocus in the past, but have gotten away from it, this course is for you.

Or, if you know that OmniFocus can help you, but it feels overwhelming, this course is for you.

But if your OmniFocus system is already working well, and you just want to learn a couple of new perspectives to squeeze out some extra productivity—this course is probably not for you.

What’s your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds.

All my courses, including Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3, come with a strict no refunds policy.

I want you to have “skin in the game”. Please enroll because you are committed to applying the lessons to create real, positive changes in your life. I want you to get the best results—and you’ll get the best results if you enroll with a genuine commitment.

To buy this course without a money-back guarantee, you must trust yourself to follow through and trust me. If you’re not sure, or if you need a money-back guarantee to be convinced, then I suggest you enjoy my free material here and on YouTube.

Note that when you enroll, you can repeat this course as often as you like, for years to come. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to extract abundant value from your investment.

So, are you in?

Do you offer a payment plan?

I do not offer a payment plan. I love to support my students, but I don’t want to establish a creditor-debtor relationship with you.

Do I need OmniFocus Pro?

Yes. Key course concepts rely on features only available in the Pro version of OmniFocus.

The Omni Group website has an explanation of the differences between OmniFocus Standard and Pro and of OmniFocus's pricing options

How much time does the course take to complete?

You'll be up and running with this workflow in an afternoon or two.

How long will I have access to the course?


Other sites may require you to keep a monthly subscription, but for this course, you pay once and you get lifetime access.

You'll also have access to course updates and new lessons.

When does the course start and finish?

This course is self-paced, so you can start it whenever you like and take as long as you need.

I've already bought another book/course on OmniFocus. How is this course different?

I won't waste your time teaching you obvious basics, such as how to install OmniFocus or how to sync OmniFocus between your devices.

I also won't waste your time teaching you advanced strategies that you don't need right now.

Instead, I'll teach you a simple workflow that you can use, right now, to get stuff done.

What if I need to use a Windows PC at work?

If you use Apple devices at home, but you use a PC at work, you can still use OmniFocus and you'll still get a lot out of the system you'll learn in this course.

In this case, I recommend that you bring your Macbook Pro or your iPad to work. Simply use OmniFocus on your laptop/tablet and do the work on your PC. 

On your work PC, you can also use OmniFocus for the Web to manage your tasks and projects, although OmniFocus for the Web is limited in functionality.

I don't have a Mac. Can I still use OmniFocus?

Short answer: Do you have an iPad? Then: yes!

Is your only Apple device an iPhone? Then: yes, but it's not ideal.

My course focuses on teaching an OmniFocus system and workflow. It’s mostly about how to think about using OmniFocus productively rather than about how to use the app. In the course videos, I mostly use OmniFocus for macOS, but the system/workflow is the same on all devices.

Got an iPad? Then you just have to translate my macOS instructions to OmniFocus on iPad. I'll gladly help you out with that.

You can also use OmniFocus exclusively on iPhone, but I do not recommend it. The small screen size can make it a chore to organize your projects.

Do I need to buy OmniFocus before taking the course?

Nope! Download OmniFocus from the OmniGroup website or from the Mac App Store and you'll get a 14-day free trial. That's plenty of time to take this course and learn the workflow.

What if I have more questions?

Just email me at and I'll do my best to respond quickly.
I overcomplicated my previous attempts at using OmniFocus. After taking Peter’s course, everything is running smoothly and I’m back in control.
David Glinski
Peter’s course uncomplicated the many many features available in OmniFocus.
Ryan Moline

Why not ask your company to pay?

If you work for a company, you might be able to use the company’s training budget to pay for the course. I’ve prepared a handy proposal template (docx) for you.

Not convinced? Get the free weekly review cheat sheet

Regularly reviewing your projects is the best way to get back on track. Get my free weekly review cheat sheet to learn how.

“It’s pure gold!” — Shannon Hughes, mother of six
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