Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3

Learn a workflow you can trust. With real examples and a friendly instructor.
Getting ready
Course requirements, philosophy, and goals
3 mins
Tweaking some OmniFocus settings
4 mins
Making OmniFocus an extension of your brain
First, add all of your tasks to the inbox
6 mins
Process your emails in OmniFocus with Mail Drop
5 mins
Capture tasks as they come to you with Quick Entry
6 mins
Use defer dates liberally
6 mins
Use due dates sparingly
5 mins
Interlude: OmniFocus support & keyboard shortcuts
Organizing your projects
What is a project?
5 mins
Creating your first projects
10 mins
Set your projects and folders up like this
20 mins
OmniFocus project and folder setup.pdf
41.5 KB
Task, task with subtasks, or project?
6 mins
Recap: what have we done so far?
Planning your days and weeks
Identifying your available tasks
8 mins
What's next?
Creating a tag to denote "what's next"
5 mins
Planning your day and week with the Forecast perspective
12 mins
Calendar event or OmniFocus task?
5 mins
Using notifications to make sure you get tasks done on time
9 mins
Sorting through your tasks with tags, flags, and search
The "waiting for" tag
9 mins
The "someday/maybe" tag
4 mins
People-based tags
6 mins
Why I recommend against using tool-based tags
4 mins
Location-based tags, part I
7 mins
Location-based tags, part II
3 mins
Plan your projects with tags
9 mins
How you might use flags to highlight the most important tasks
6 mins
Searching and finding tasks, projects, etc.
4 mins
Reminder: do not over-tag!
Save time with repeating tasks and project templates
Setting up repeating tasks and projects
6 mins
Using project templates
5 mins
Staying on top of your projects with periodic reviews
What is a periodic review and why do you need one?
3 mins
The nine steps to the periodic review
15 mins
Weekly review cheat sheet
5.22 MB
When and how often to review your projects
3 mins
Example use cases
Regain control when you feel overwhelmed
4 mins
Process to-dos after a meeting
4 mins
Estimate how long a project will take
3 mins
When you think of a task while you're doing something else
Using OmniFocus to travel with less stress
9 mins
Delegating tasks to others
13 mins
Wrapping up
Thank you!
2 mins
Course summary (PDF)
154 KB